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Linkking.org primary service is to help you build quality links to other member sites. We offer this free service to our registered members together with supporting services. These include site indexing, site monitoring, keyword extraction, rite rank and a monthly email.


Registered users can submit any number of sites for ranking. What ranking does is it gives you an index of how your site is seen through the eyes of search engines. This value is often referred to as the authority of a site and is what puts you on top of the search results.

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Key word analysis

Our algorithm for keyword analysis mimics the one used by search engines. We use a context identity to where words are placed within a paragraph or a title and give every ranked word a relevance value.

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Monthly Mail

Registered users have the option to receive a monthly email straight to their inbox. This email will have information about their registered sites, optons for linking to new sites and information on how they one can improve the current website ranking.

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