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Sometimes having great content is not enough. Natural link building can be difficult and convincing web masters to post content for you for free is always a challenging task.

Do not worry as here at Linkking.org we offer a paid for blog post service. Through this service you can get a list of high page rank blogs and sites that are ready to publish your article straight away at a very small fee starting from 5 Euro per post.

Through paid blog posts you can create your very own article describing your services and products and decide on which web site to publish it out.

So if you are a site owner ready to invest some money for more traffic or a site owner looking for some content and monetising your blog Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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Paid Blog Posting Sites Available

Top Paid blogs offers


Title: Your Personal Financial Mentor - Finance and Business Blog

Catrgory: Finance / Loan

A blog dedicated to financial freedom and money management. Specialized in such financial aspects as real estate, credit, insurance and investment.

85,00 €

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Title: Technected - Your Connection to the World of Tech

Catrgory: General

Your Connection to the World of Tech

100,00 €

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Title: Trimarsh Home Properties

Catrgory: Home / Real State

10,00 €

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Title: Arabian Theater In Wedding

Catrgory: Wedding / Photography

10,00 €

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Title: Lifestyle Family Health Care: Children and Chiropractic

Catrgory: Health

10,00 €

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Title: Best Selling Cars Blog | Which cars are the best-sellers in your country?

Catrgory: Automotive

225,00 €

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