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Building links

I can assume that if you are reading this article than you already know about the importance of getting inbound and outbound links to your site. At this point you are combing the internet for various ways to do that, and hopefully that is how you landed here. I can save you time by summerizing the most popular way for link building and suggesting you to keep one thing in bind. Search engines employ smart people that are not easily fooled by black hat tactics.

The rich and famous

In an ideal world your site is famous, top in the search engine results and with such great content that other sites want to refer to you. But life is not that fair and the truth for new emerging sites is that, even though you create great content your site is no where on the search engine top 10 results and as no one knows about you no one is linking to you. This is a typical chicken and egg problem, you have low ranking cause of low linking and you have low linking cause you have low ranking.

Link building strategies

I will try to give a brief descriptions and a researched opinion about the options a webmaster would consider when it comes to link building. Being a webmaster myself I know that the mentioned chicken and egg problem is a very stressing factor when launching a good web site. My personal advice would be to build a strategy where you would monitor your sites weekly ranking and just make sure you are heading in the right direction with a constant improvement. Remember a key factor in ranking is site age and traffic and even the best sites will need some time to achieve this.

Marketing Campaigns

Unless you can afford a marketing guru these are a bit hard to make. One has to be in the game to know how to make a proper product launch. Launches are a crucial factor to start on the right track. Though I find it fruitful to publish my site online even before the full functionality is available, as I believe it gives search engines time to start noticing the site, once the site is fully flashed a good is crucial. If you are working on a low budget project it is very helpful to still make a date with the official launching where you tell friends and potential business partners, contacts on linked in , facebook twitter and anyother social media you might use about your new service. This helps spread the world and getting your number of visitors started. Next in your campaign you will have a healthy balance of paid marketing and news releases but these come with a price tag and need to be managed by a marketing person.

Paid Links

Paid links are not the same as adwords. Adwords are marketing adverts placed on other sites for a period of time. These will not influence your rankings directly but will only provide you with means to market your products or services on other website as to increase traffic. Paid links are links provided by webmasters to your site against a small fee. Though if you search online carefully you will easily find a very good deal, where a web master would promise you permanent links to your site from a higher ranked site these need to be taken carefully. Think before you make such deals are the high ranked site used for outbound links against payment will likely be caught by google and once that ranking of the provider site goes down, it will pull you with it. Note that this is not necessary the case but one needs to keep this in mind before.

Link exchange

This is the polite way to make links and it works in theory mainly used by micro sites especially blogs. In link exchanges a web master contacts the other web master would ask an other webmaster for a link to his website with the deal of him linking back. It works in theory cause in practice search engines dedect very easily this type of linking and consider it as fraud. That is it is likely to hurt your rankings rather then improve them.

Community Linking

Community linking is very similar to bidirectional links yet the site providing you with a link will not need to be the site that you link to. In this way you will not be creating bidirectional links but honest linking as seen in the search engine algorithms. Unfortunately link communities have a down side that these need to be monitored such that only same quality sites are suggested by the comunity. In the case of linkking we use a ranking algorithm before we provide our members with partnering suggestions.