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Links make a difference

The web was built using hyper text and though the mark up language used is constantly evolving and we are now using an HTML 5 standard the basics of creating websites by linking together various sources is there to stay.

Links shape up content, drive traffic to and from your site, and if done right they boost search engine rankings. The ability to navigate deeper into a topic through Links helps your clients understand better what your content is about cause it is the content that made them land in your site in the first place. Apart from the page rank algorithm which is used by google to rank the importance of a site, Also crawlers which are programs used by search engines to index your site are likely to do a better job if your site has several inbound and outbound links.

The Main Types of Links

There are various words used in search engine optimisation to describe the several uses of links but the main categories are:

  1. Inbound Links - Links from other domains pointing to your site
  2. Outbound Links - Links from your site pointing to other domains

Inbound Links

Pointers to your site are a vital source of authority. It is like when a person quotes another to profe a point, obviously one can deduce that this quoted someone is a person of authority in the subject and by referencing such persons makes your statement more authoritative as well. In terms of websites, if you have links pointing to your sites from other websites that are recognized to have authority in the subject, search engines will give you a better ranking. In general ideal inbound links are from websites that have similar content and that have a growing ranking. Having inbound links from sites who are getting negative rankings will only damage your reputation. These type of links can be obtained either by buying them which is against good search engine policies, by making marketing campaigns like news letters or by using a link comunity like linkking.

Outbound Links

From a client perspective outbound links are useful so that clients reading your content can further read on sub topics. This is just the tip of the ice berg. If you link to authoritive sites you will get rewarded in ranking terms. In the search engine optimisation world outbound links is a very discussed topic as there are several dangers in outgoing links. Let us just say that if your site has too many outgoing links it is likely to be penalised even if the outbound links are from the same inbound links, again you are likely to be penalised and if you link to sites that start losing ranking then you are likely to follow.

Best Linking strategy

The best linking strategy every web master is on the lookout for is to increase inbound links from authorativer websites and find quality outbound links that he can monitor. Quality inbound links come from sites that have a similar rank as your site but and are struggling to improve it. Second in every webmaster dream would be to have outbound links to websites with similar content but there is the catch. Google is likely to penalise Bidirectional links So the problem linkking is trying to solve is clear. First we build a community of web masters ready to exchange links. Identifying sites with similar content and ranking and suggest them as inbound links Identifying sites with similar content and ranking that are not inbound links as outbound links. Monitor the site ranking and linking as to help them improve. See how we do it.