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Linkking is free

Yes linkking link suggestion services are free. Joining our community is as simple as sharing with us your email and the web site you would be interested in link exchange. Once we have your email verified you can start benefiting from our free services.

Free services include: picture1

  • Site indexing reports
  • Site optimisation suggestions
  • Link partner suggestions
  • Inclustion in our link exchange
  • Latest updates about search engine optimisation techniques
  • Online marketing ideas
  • And more....

These services are available through our portal www.linkking.org and through our monthly email. Though at times we will be including some third party marketing material feel safe as our responsible marketing policy will protect any data you wish to share with us and guarantees that we will not spam your email nor share any information with external companies unless explicitly agreed prior approval.

We thank you for joining our link exchange community and hope you benefit from our free services. Please make use of our sponsours and should you have any suggestion or complains feel free to contact us .