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How this site works

When you register with linking you will be partnering with various other sites that have already joined our link exchange comunity. All registered sites will be recieving link suggestions of sites that based on ranking and content could be of interest to your site. It is totally up to you to decide if you want to reference any of the suggested sites in any part of your site content.

Search engine optimization gurus struggle to find sites that are willing to link back. Sometime managers need to result to paying sites to link to you or exchanging links. Though paying web masters for links can be an option, back linking and bidirectional links are known to be penalized by the search engine algorithms. Other options for link build include submitting to directories, guest blogging and creating web farms but again these might do more harm to your search engine optimization efforts than good.

Linkking.org uses an advanced algorithm to provide suggestions that are based on the quality and content of your site. All suggested links will help you increase your page ranking and once you back link to any of the suggested partner sites, other partner sites will start receiving your site as a back link suggestion.

This is how linkking.org works, simple yet innovative. As we control the way links are suggested through our community, our members benefit form pure one directional links from top ranking sites with similar content. We will not be suggesting any bidirectional links (that is links that go 2 way that usually penalized by the google ranking algorithms). Our grantee of one way similar content better ranking incoming of links are proven to be the best type of links you can have to your site.

Other advantages include that our algorithm will suggest you potential partners to outer link which is normally the hard manual work of your marketing manager and you will not need to pay or back link for such a great service. Also thanks to our suggestions, sites with incoming links will likely increase their page rank thus increasing your authority.

It is a total win win strategy, when you register your site with us. The community is as effective as the size of its members. The more members we have the better link exchange options we can distribute. That is why we are constantly investing in marketing and improved algorithms to create a stronger community reach.

Thank you for considering our services we promise we will not let you down